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Venting: Thoughts and Emotions

I'd like to get some stuff off my chest.

I've been a vegan for a few years now, and throughout that time I've experienced feelings of anger, frustration, despair, hopelessness, happiness, not giving a fuck, giving a fuck, being content, not being content.. the list goes on.

It's dawning on me that the best way to reach people, is to be nice and respectful, even though I strongly disagree with most people (read: non-vegans).

This blog has been an outlet for my anger and frustration, but after a while, my energy to keep writing subsided. I don't regret anything, but in retrospect I could have gone a bit easier in terms of tone. Like I said, even though you disagree with someone, being nice will usually get you the farthest (courtesy of Capt. Obvious). Of course, that's easier said than done when it comes to a subject as passionate as this.

Let me be clear: I absolutely do not think humans have the right to consume animals.

Feedback has been varied

I've chosen not to interact with, or moderate any comments posted by readers. Some posts have gained quite a bit of traction in that regard.

My reason for not engaging? It's too painful. So many comments are posted by assholes (personal attacks, shitty arguing, trolling, etc). A lot of people just can't help themselves from being plain vile and disgusting. And oh, before you go accusing for being the same sometimes, know that your opinion matters not.

That being said, there are also a lot of well-crafted comments from both sides of the table, and those are always appreciated.

All in all

I just wanted to get this off my chest. It came to me last night when I couldn't sleep.

To all vegans out there: You are fucking awesome, and may you keep being awesome. Thanks!

To anyone on the fence: Give veganism a try, you can always revert to old habits if you so desire. I promise it won't kill you.

To all haters: You can fuck right off.

See you 'round.

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