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About and why

What inspired me to speak up for those who cannot, is my journey from meat eater to vegetarian, and now transitioning completely into veganism.

I've found it to be a moral obligation to investigate where my food comes from, and in so doing, uncovered shocking facts that made me cry, my stomach turn and more importantly, filled me with energy to do something about it.

Animal abuse in in the meat and dairy industry truly is the holocaust most of us choose to ignore.

For now, my goal with this site is to produce articles on a reasonably consistent basis, with the hopes that if I can sway even one person to consider alternatives to meat, it'll be well worth it.

Make the world suck less; go vegan!

On dogs

Previous to The Ethical Vegan I created a website called  Respect Your Dog, where I exclusively wrote about, you guessed it, dog welfare.

If one or more of your family members walk on four legs, I highly recommend my introductory article on the  science behind why I write what I write. Don't worry, it's easy reading, as I've done the heavy lifting for you, and then condensed it into a very manageable article.

While I don't actively write for  Respect Your Dog at this time, the site will always remain, as feedback has told me how valuable readers have found it.

If you want to build a healthier relationship with your dogs, there are  many articles available here.

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