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The ethics of drinking milk

The media, government, our parents and friends; they pretty much all tell us that cow’s milk is good for us. Nobody, however, ever talks about how it is produced.

The problem, is that on the other side of milk cartons picturing happy cows roaming green fields as long as the eye can see, is a dark, and very bleak reality. A reality that billions of cows go through every year so you can have cow’s milk with your cereal.

The life of a dairy cow

Regular beatings, stabbings, hangings and repeated rape are all in a days work for your average dairy cow. And let’s face it, if you drink milk, you’re literally giving your money to the industry that keeps the abuse going. In that way, you are an enabler.

The life of a dairy cow can be roughly split into 3 phases, where phase 1 and 2 are intermingled up until the point of execution.

Note also that this article does not take take into account the horrible ordeal a dairy cow goes through while being raised into being a dairy cow in the first. But make no mistake, that part of her life isn’t any prettier.

Welcome to hell.

1) She’s beaten

We know this, because countless undercover assignments where people have gone into dairy farms with hidden cameras, posing as workers, show such a high level of cruelty, that it’ll make the most hardened of us sick to our stomach.

And make  no mistake, these are not isolated incidents, these are the daily torments the majority of dairy cows go through every day of their lives, before finally being executed and sliced into burgers, that we celebrate cooking on the grill in these hot summer days. Really, murder is cause for celebration? Oh, how moral we humans are.

If you drink milk, I dare you watch the videos I'm about to show you. Not because I want to shame or attack you, but because I want you to understand where the cow’s milk you drink is coming from. I want you to reflect on what is involved in keeping a steady flow of milk pouring down our throats.

If you do a simple  youtube search on the subject, you’ll come to see some seriously horrendous abuse.

One such video is included below, but if you can't stomach watching it, listen at the very least to me describing it.

The video shows cows being stabbed with pitch forks, beaten with heavy objects, punched, kicked and have their tails broken (to name a few things). While this is going on, the human workers proudly announce how they “beat the fuck out of the cows”, really appearing to enjoy themselves.

This certainly brings tears to my eyes, as I think it would any decent human being.

What you should take away from this, is the following.

1) By drinking cow's milk, you support this industry.

2) There is clearly no effective regulation to prevent this sort of thing from happening, as we time and time again see humans reduced to their most primitive cruel nature, without any real repercussions. 

2) She’s raped repeatedly

Did you know that before a cow can give milk, she has to be pregnant? Cows are routinely raped throughout their whole lives in order to produce as much milk as possible.

When the calves are born, they are taken away immediately, often killed via having their throats stabbed with sharp objects/knives. Why, because, naturally, we can’t afford to give any milk to them, because that milk is to be sold to you.

What if somebody raped you by shoving a metal pipe laced with semen into your vagina, thus impregnating you, only to take you child away, killing it, as soon as you gave birth?

Is it any wonder the cows spend most of their time screaming?

3) She’s executed

When their bodies starts to shut down from the abuse and exhaustion and they can no longer generate money, the cows are executed.

If you think this happens humanly, dream on.

By the way, is there really a “humane” way of execution. I’d argue that there isn’t. Execution in and of itself is a brutal act, and you can't just slap a humane-sticker on it and think that makes it okay.

Some will argue that we can give these animals a long life, and not beat and stab them, which is certainly a good thing, but then adding the part of humanely executing them when the time comes. That's like me asking you; what if we went on a date, i bought you a nice dinner, we danced, laughed and had a good time, but at the end of the evening i dropped a date rape drug in your wine. I then proceeded to rape you, and finally put a bullet between your eyes. That's okay, right? I mean, i had already knocked you out with the drug, so it's not like you were ever gonna know i raped you.

Usually, cows are executed via stabbing. That is, they have knife thrust into their throat, and they slowly bleed out on the floor.

Often times, the cow will be hung from the ceiling and then cut open and bleed to death.

Please understand that when the cow is hanging from the ceiling, she is fully awake, aware and extremely scared.

Needless to say she is also in a lot of pain from having been transported to the killing area, being beaten, having wounds, and simply having her whole weight hanging from a rope around one of her legs.

If you drink milk, I once again dare you to watch the reality of what cows go through.

In the video below, which demonstrates a typical execution, you’ll also notice that the cow in question is pregnant. After they slash her throat, they slash open her stomach, and pull out her offspring.

Sometimes the offspring is simply killed and discarded, other times they will endure the same life of their mother before being executed in the same fashion.

In this case, the men responsible stab the calf in throat, and she starts to bleed out. You can see her body wriggling around on the floor for several minutes, while the men stand around and laugh while watching her die slowly.

Finally one of them picks her up, and literally throws her into a garbage chute.

The people in the videos are assholes, but you are the one who help enable them

Yes, there is no excuse for the behaviour exhibited by the people in the video above, but they are on that farm, doing what they’re doing because you pay them to.

Yes, there is no excuse for the behaviour exhibited by the people in the video above, but they are on that farm, doing what they’re doing because you pay them to.

Again, I don’t want to make you feel bad, but understand that as as consumer, you are effectively paying for this to go on. And the dairy industry spends billions upon billions of dollars every year to keep you coming back for more.

Statements like  “got milk” are carefully created to feed the bottom line. The dairy industry is not in business for you, they’re in business to make money for themselves.

Stop contributing to the madness!

PS! If you're wondering what to drink instead, there are tons of vegan milks that are way healthier for you, and that don't harm animals.

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