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Will animals go extinct if the world becomes vegan?

A very common question from meat eaters is that of what would happen to animals if vegans had their way. Would they become extinct if we all stopped eating them?

First, this makes the assumption that a life in captivity, torture and slaughter is beneficial over not being born in the first place.

Second, people often act like we’re doing the animals a big favor, and that we’ve created some sort of mutual bond, wherein we breed and house them, and in return, they “give” us their flesh and skin to eat and wear. I don’t recall them ever signing up for that.


The reason there are so many farm animals to begin with, is because humans create (breed) them. While I can’t speak for any individual cow, I assume that being bred, abused and killed isn’t very desirable. If the cow was never born, she’d never have any thoughts on the matter.

So please don’t act like we’re doing this because it’s the best thing for the animals. That’s a preposterous justification at best.

Going extinct

If there were no money in farm animals anymore, the meat and dairy industry wouldn’t bother breeding and feeding them either. That makes sense, and is likely a reality we would have to face.

Not breeding such extreme numbers, the animal population would definitely dwindle into smaller numbers.

Some animals could make it in the wild, while others couldn’t. To those lucky enough to be released, at least they’d have a chance compared with none at all.

Most, though, would probably be killed. But if the world went vegan, there at least wouldn’t be another batch of animals ready to take their place, only to keep the misery machine going.

The bottom line is that we would cease to breed animals into a cruel and unjust system meant only to exploit and kill.

I could be wrong, but I imagine that if it was me, and my life and date of death were absolutely determined, I might be inclined to die. Rather that, than live a life of suffering, only to be killed anyway.

Will vegans be happy if farm animals go extinct?

Farm animals are often genetically modified to grow, produce and give as much as possible, as fast as possible. This, in turn, results in a lot of pain on the animals part, and it’s not natural. Think for example of the chicken who’s body is so huge that her legs, bones and joints can’t bear the weight.

They spend their entire, highly stressed, lives in concentration camps, and they will always be killed, no exceptions.

To keep the cycle going, humans destroy giant areas of wild animal habitats, so that the farm animals can graze. This, of course, threathens the existence of the animals who were already living there. Of course, we also outright kill wild animals to protect our livestock, which also leads to extinction.

Wolves, for example, are now an endangered species.

The meat and dairy industry also produces extreme amounts of waste, which has a huge impact on resources and the environment. We’re literally talking shit in the water supply.

The average dairy cow produces around 120 pounds of manure per day, equivalent to that of 20-40 people. Besides polluting the water we drink with bacteria, antibiotics, ammonia etc; this type of waste can contribute to poor air quality, greenhouse gases and smog (among other things).

Because farm animals stand in their own excrement all day, they are pumped full of antibiotics so they don’t get sick and die. This practice, over time, makes antibiotics less effective for use in humans, and as you know, antibiotics has been and still is a pinnacle of modern healthcare. Losing that, would be devastating.

It’s not the right question to ask

Regardless of what would happen to the animals of we all went vegan, asking about extinction isn’t really that relevant.

The bottom line is that if some species went extinct, that does nothing to justify the cruelty taking place here and now. Nor does it do anything about the detrimental effects the meat and dairy industry has on our air, water and environment.

And it certainly doesn’t address the animals we are driving to extinction through ruining natural habitats to make room for this industry to stay alive.

These are the things are what we should focus on, not the possible extinction of some of the species we eat today.

The question does nothing to change the lives of animals who are here now.

If you were guaranteed a life of misery and death, would you say that’s a life worth living?

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